About me

My name is Janina Lamøy and I have been captivated by photography from the age of 14. The sky, with its different dimensions, initially captured my interest and as my fascination with nature grew, my interest in photography blossomed. Macro-photography is a style I thoroughly enjoy, as it allows me to capture the beauty in small things.

I have been privileged to experience a variety of positions throughout my photography career, starting in my early 20’s. Initially, I began as a photographer for Trondhjems Kvinnelige Studentersangforening and Knauskoret. Furthering my local experience, I volunteered at Olavsfestdagene and Byscenen. These events focussed on capturing the essence of art, culture and society within Trondheim, requiring different styles of technique. In the commercial space, I have worked with portraits and organisation photography, assisting organisations to create unique and personalised images for their individual businesses.

My heart lies in capturing raw and untouched moments within nature. I never shy away from a challenge and am continually searching for experiences to develop my skills.


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